Lock Through Gudgeon

  • Often used as the top gudgeon when hanging gates for the additional strength provided by the locking shaft which resists any lateral force that may be applied to a gate
  • Can also be installed upside down to prevent gates being lifted from their hinges
  • Recommended for most farm gate installations
  • Long pin prevents gate lifting off.
  • Thread rolling makes the threads stronger than conventional cut threads and also ensures consistent quality
  • The shaft is fully threaded for maximum adjustability
  • Thinner nuts mean more adjustability close to the post
Lock Through Gudgeon
Product ID a(mm) b(mm) c(mm)
Y2001 200 16 41
Y2002 250 16 41
Y2003 275 20 51
Y2004 350 20 51
Y2005 425 20 51
Y2006 275 20 65