Tips on hanging a successful Greyson Gate

Tips on hanging a gate

  1. Position the 2 gate posts with adequate space between to fit the gate.
  2. Bolt the adjustable gate clamps on to the gate. Place the gate against the post and mark off underneath each gate clamp at the desired height, leaving enough space for ground clearance
  3. Mark the top of the post with a line that continues the line of the fence. Mark an angle of 50 degrees from it, as shown in diagram A. From this line run a spirit level or vertical plumb line down the post (Diagram A)
  4. Drill the holes for the top and bottom gudgeons, boring into the post horizontally in line with the 50 degree line
  5. Slide the gudgeons into position and tighten, leaving about 40mm between the post and the face of the pin at the top gudgeon and 50mm at the bottom gudgeon (Diagram C)
  6. Lift the gate into position and adjust the gudgeons so that the end of the gate is 50mm above the top of the post. This will allow the gate to settle without hindering its performance or appearance (Diagram D)
  7. Place the gate latch on the inside of the gate, so there is limited movement when the gate is closed (Diagram E)